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Cuirassiers and Chest - Breast Armor

cuirass (/kwɪˈræs/; French: cuirasse, Latin: coriaceus) is a piece of armour, formed of a single or multiple pieces of metal or other rigid material which covers the front of the torso.

In a suit of armour, the cuirass was generally connected to a back piece. Cuirass could also refer to the complete torso-protecting armour.

We currently carry Cuirasses and Brigandines or (coat of plates). The leather Cuirass contains both a breastplate and backplate. A leather breastplate, while lighter, protects only the chest and sides.

Our leather armor is offered in leather thicknesses of 6-8oz 10-12oz, and 14-16oz leather. Dependant on the piece. The 14-16oz can be used for SCA heavy weapons fighting while the 10-12oz and 6-8oz leather is suited to LARP events, Stage productions, Renaissance and Medieval fairs.

ALL of our leather armor is hand made here in the USA and any can be made to your measurements!

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This Viking full cuirass armor is a breastplate and back-plate inspired by lamellar worn by the Vikings, protecting the front and back of the torso.
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