Frogs, Baldricks, and Hangers

Carrying a sword can be a daunting task, especially when spending a day walking the renaisance fair.
Period belts were not used to hold up pants. They were used for carrying your sword as well as a variety of pouches. Baldrics and frogs were another way of easily carrying your sword, which was one of your prized possessions.
Its easy with a handmade leather baldric or sword frog that is made to hold anything from a fine cutlass on your side to claymore on your back.
Made using only the finest leather to carry a myriad of different weapons on your side or back, you'll be sure to find them fully adjustable and as comfortable as they are stylish.

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Picture of Axe Frog Add to cart

Axe Frog

Carry your Axe or War Hammer in style with our axe frogs. Our Axe frogs are made of 7/8 oz leather and are available in Black, Dark Brown or Light Brown.
Picture of Leather Tankard / Mug Frog Hanger Add to cart

Leather Tankard / Mug Frog Hanger

Hang your tankard from these mug frogs when you are not using it.
Picture of Handmade Ambidextrous Dagger/Sword Frog. Add to cart

Handmade Ambidextrous Dagger/Sword Frog.